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How It All Began

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I know you've all been wondering how Shelby Jewel came about and what strategies we have used to grow. You're probably wondering what we're all about and what surprises we have next! Who's better at breaking down those questions than Shelby Jewel Tucker herself? Today, we're interviewing the boss! Read on to see what she has to say about your most asked questions about the online/pop-up shop!


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Q: What gave you the idea to start Shelby Jewel?

A: In college, my love for fashion really blossomed, and I decided to start a fashion blog. The blog really opened up doors and my eyes to the whole industry. After graduating from college with a degree in accounting and marketing, I was interested in seeing the business aspect of it. Blogging wasn’t quite fulfilling my heart in the industry at the moment, and I felt it placed on my heart to venture into bringing my style to other women via a shop. I worked at a local boutique with the open conversation of knowing I wanted to see if owning a shop was what my heart was set on. It took less than a year there for me to realize that dream and establish it. I did research on businesses, the industry, and other entrepreneurs to see what all was involved. Then - I just went for it, and it was the best decision I ever made. I feel like I am living my dream.

Q: When it comes to your business, what are some inspirations you've had? People, brands, anything!

A: I definitely started to see where my style was headed based off of my style icons and inspirations. My two biggest icons were Julia Engel, influencer behind Gal Meets Glam blog and owner/designer of Gal Meets Glam Collection, and Lauren Conrad, of course. These gals stick to classic, timeless pieces. They show through their brands and take great pride in building it and doing it right.

Q: Where did the name Shelby Jewel come from? Why?

A: Shelby Jewel is my name! Jewel was my great-grandmother’s middle name, and my mom named me after her. I went back and forth in my mind of what I wanted to call the shop, but I always came back to Shelby Jewel. Essentially, this brand is a branch of me and my style - so I thought it was fitting.

Q: How would you describe the face of your brand? Describe your ideal customer.

A: Our ideal customer is a gal who wants to wake up every day and put on something classic and simple but look put together. She likes to travel, have sweet times with her gal friends, read books on a cozy fall afternoon, run around with her shoes off in the summer, have an afternoon tea in the spring. She wants to be comfortable but also shows herself through her ensemble. She loves classic pieces she can keep in her wardrobe for years.

Q: What is the mission of Shelby Jewel?

A: Shelby Jewel’s mission is to bring classic, timeless, stylish pieces to every gal's wardrobe without breaking the bank. We want to incorporate that it’s okay to dress up every day and feel confident and put together.

Q: Is your brand all about the latest trends or do you have a specific style you go by?

A: We don’t really check or keep up with trends. We are all about silhouettes, prints, and styles that won’t and haven’t gone out of style. If we do hit on a slight trend, we keep it neutral to allow it to slip into different seasons or be able to bring back the next year.

Q: What have you sold the most of?

A: Dresses that have all the goods - pockets, elastic waistband, a pretty color - usually sells the best for us. Once fall comes around, our oversized, basic sweaters are out the door in a jiffy. A classic trench with a twist is always a crowd’s favorite as well.

Q: What has been your favorite thing to happen since starting the Shelby Jewel business?

A: Being able to grow the office + workforce by adding interns and an employee has been incredible to see. It represents growth. The Annesdale Mansion photoshoot this spring was another milestone of mine. With having one of our favorite launches involved with it as well as an iconic Memphis venue with the video being shot - it was an all-time fave.

Q: How does it feel to be the boss?!

A: It is what I was meant to do, and the vision God laid on my heart for this season of my life. I love being able to see a brand I had built in my mind come to life and to be able to help other people grow throughout it. It is one of the best feelings.

Q: Any tips for any gal wanting to start her own business?

A: Absolutely. Just do it. Once you have a little bit of research done, go for it. If it is what God has laid on your heart, then it was what you were meant to do within that time. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people that are in your industry as well. Some will help, some won’t. Don’t be discouraged by the bad, stressful times. If this is what you want to do, you’ll find a way to do it.

Q: Looks like you're off to a great start! Where do you plan to take Shelby Jewel?

A: Right now, it is too be determined on where our next move should be. There are always dreams that swirl around in my mind. Visions and inspirations fly about, and it is exciting. You will just have to stay tuned!

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Keep up the good work, Shelby! It will be an incredible experience to see the company blossom over the next couple of years. We hope you keep taking leaps of faith that will keep us on our toes!

By Jasmine Tate
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