January 24, 2022

4 The Moody Gal

By Audrey Wright
4 The Moody Gal


Hello all you moody gals, today we have probably my favorite mood boards I’ve made so far because they tell a story about this moody gal & where she’s going & what she wants! For all the places I eventually want to go to, I made boards full of new & cute  pieces that will be coming out this week so here’s a little sneak peak. All you lucky ladies we have 5 moods for you to choose, but why not choose all!!



Sweet as can be in New York

This is for the easy going, high-class gal in New York! Her day starts off with opening her long billowy curtains to see the beautiful sun peeking through. She chooses the light hearted way of life which comes in subtle pinks & browns mixed together. The Days Ahead Shacket is a fave of mine & it is for this moody gal too in NY. Its light & flowy for the windy days so she can look effortlessly warm & girly.


Catchin’ Cabs

Coffee, croissant, & in a rush to get to the airport because this moody gal has got to go! She stays on her feet, ready to make the next move whether it’s a work trip or for fun. Black is her go-to color along with the athletic, business look. The Francie Fuzzy Pullover is fun & comfy for her!  A power pant with gold jewelry, unique sunnies, and some shiny penny loafers is her travel uniform. As she waits for her cab, or limo, or whatever she prefers, she waits patiently with a Vogue in her lap & a mocha in hand.

Rich Girl Yacht Club

This moody gal is ready for some sun & the ocean breeze so she can finally relax! Propped up on her lounge with her chic heels, she chooses to wear a jumpsuit to stay warm from the wind. The Manola Jumpsuit has the best ocean side vibes! The color is perfect near the water & makes you look tan & adventurous. Celebrate this moment with some lemonade or champagne with your friends in the evening on our imaginary yacht!


The Path to Italy

Golden hour moody gal has found her home in Milan with all the beautiful cobblestone paths & welcoming people! She finds her place among the red wine & the flowered villa overlooking the water. She goes for an understated look with muted colors like the Milo Collared Sweater & Kimberly Cargo Trousers. The muted neutral with the softness of the sage green trousers make this trip adventurous & ready for all the wandering & sight seeing. This gal will most likely move in & not come back due to all the red wine & pasta!



You can find this up-town gal strutting through Manhattan with her band in tow. She’s a fierce girl, who loves a good challenge, so don’t step on her. She’s chic & she knows it with her go-to colors: Big Apple Red & Jet Black. The Jeanna Puffer Jacket will never not be part of her going out look-she likes to look mysterious & cool. You’ll never question her sense of fashion because she’s ahead of the game!

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