• Cozy Day Feels

    Cozy Day Feels
    Happy Monday & Happy Cozy Day Feels!
    Mondays are known to be slow & not everyone’s fave but there’s a way we can add some pizazz here & there to brighten up your day! Not only will you be running on 3 cups of coffee but you’ll be dressed in the softest sweaters & jackets. You might be tired, but at least you’ll look good & feeling all snuggled up in our new arrivals. Go from Sunrise to Sunset in blush, black, oatmeal, cream, & grey tones. All from the new collection, Sunrise to Sunset: here are my favorites of the week!!!
    Starting off strong we have the Rae Quilted Jacket in black! The first time I saw this it looked like a cute equestrian warm up riding jacket that I’d definitely wear all the time! This is one of those jackets that you definitely need to have around in case you need to throw something on quickly. The good thing about our classic jackets is that they go with so much, so when you need to find something fast you won’t have to worry if it doesn’t look good or not. The quilted touch makes the jacket stand out from all those other basic jackets. It also has two front pockets & snap buttons so this jacket is a win win!
    If you want to start your week off with a W, then you need to add the Finley Drawstring Sweater in Oatmeal to your closet! We have several other colors in this style & we also have it without the drawstring as well (Porter Cowl Neck). Some of us SJ Gals said that it’s so soft we’d sleep in it…that gal is me haha! You can dress her up with leather leggings & knee high booties & a hat! Dress her down with joggers or leggings & some easy going sneakers paired with a gold mini hoop to keep it classy!
    Another top favorite of mine is the Sasha Puffer Coat in a soft cream! Just the name itself is so cute & sassy, so you know the jacket is going to live up to it’s name! Puffer coats can be so dramatic sometimes because they’re usually thicker than most coats… but that’s why we love them! Bring all the drama! This is a coat I would throw on top of a totally casual outfit to make it look aesthetic, even though i’ll probably be wearing leggings & a black tee underneath. There’s always a way to dress up a casual fit & I just so happen to do it with my outerwear & sneakers & jewelry!
    At the end of every day (especially Monday) I like to curl up on the couch with my big fuzzy socks, white matching sweat pant lounge set & a warm cardigan or overthrow so I can be the comfiest I can possibly get lol. If there was any cardigan/coat in store that I could pair with my lounge set it’d be the Doe Coat in grey or brown! This coat is fuzzy & soft & could even be used for a chic, short robe! It has big buttons, a tie at the waist, & two front pockets. The Doe Coat is super cuddly with it’s soft texture & the light grey. You can also dress it up with jeans & a grey beret to make it a cozy Parisian street style top!
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  • Holiday Week Looks: London Fog Style

    Holiday Week Looks: London Fog Style
    Hey Hey all you fabulous gals!!
    Hope everyone is having a great fall morning because not only are the new arrivals coming BUT Thanksgiving is this week!  Our London Fog Collection came out last Wednesday & the color palette is truly amazing. I can’t get enough of the warm browns, soft neutrals, & all the cool textures that tie it all together. This collection is personally one of my faves because it showcases  several different elevated moods that set the tone for the day. We have sweaters, blazers, scarfs, jackets, & an adorable set to look at. Lets go through my Monday-Sunday picks for you to wear throughout the week!!
    Okay now ladies…. you have to wear this not just to work but to some uber special event because this sweater will steal the show! Not only is the sweater a standout, but the trousers add the perfect amount of pizazz with the wine booties. This is the Morgan Chunky Pullover, Holly Trousers, Wine Collett Booties, & the Linen Newsboy Cap! The wine booties create that perfect pop of color the soft cream needs. This sweater has a beautiful knit collar which you could probably guess is my favorite part of this outfit! The sweater can be worn with jeans but isn’t it so cool with the structured trousers!
    Tuesday is the day of getting things done… well at least for me! I like to pick up the slack from Monday with class & sophistication. The Jacie Printed Blazer sets the mood with the brown color & the tiny burgundy lines with the tortoise buttons (my fave). If you have straight leg denim or brown leather trousers, pop this blazer on with it & tell me you don’t feel like a girl boss!! Blazers give me a confidence boost, even if it’s popped on top of something casual. There’s a certain refined elegance of a blazer that just makes me feel put together. Pair our wine Collett Booties with it to make the burgundy stitching in the blazer pop out more. Wear a light neutral mock neck underneath so it doesn’t get too busy!
    We are doing last minute grocery runs today because tomorrow is Turkey Day! When it comes to last minute plans & shopping you need a sturdy outfit that won’t hold you back from checking off that to-do list. It’s going to be a little chilly while you are on-the-go so our Carmel Ballon Sweater & the Eva Utility Jacket are the best pick. We have her paired with white denim & our Savannah Sneakers. The white denim brightens up the look & ties in the pretty creamy color of the sneaker. The Savannah Sneaker is really the definition of an elevated tennis shoe… I highly recommend it, plus she is super comfy!!
    Rise & shine ladies it’s finally Thanksgiving!! That means a perfectly strategic outfit has been planned based off style & how much food you’re going to eat haha! Personally, my grandma cooks a lot because she is a chef/baker so I know that means I’m going to be eating a lot of good southern cookin. That also means I don’t want to wear anything tight or revealing so I will always be a fan of loose sweaters on Turkey Day! The Kathy Mock Sweater is a black long-sleeve sweater with a twist: it’s a belle sleeve with a cut so it opens up! Either wear some denim with a little bit of stretch or some leather leggings for your ultimate comfort. To dress her up a bit, add our Sure Thing Scarf & Brazil Booties!
    Alright… it’s the day after Thanksgiving so that means it is time to bring out your Christmas Decorations! Holiday seasons are so much fun & nothing says warm holidays like our Teddy Button Up Jacket! When in doubt, bring this teddy everywhere because you never know when a cold is going to come along. You can button it all the way up to the neck for a dramatic effect or keep it folded over. This outfit can be simple because the jacket is so big & fluffy that you need to balance it out. Wear dark denim & our Brazil Booties for an easy but chic mood!
    Hopefully by Saturday you are refreshed & feeling good after Thanksgiving so you can be out & about amongst all the people! Another great & elevated on-the-go outfit is our Connor Jacket & the tan Jude Sweater Top paired together. The sandy color of the Jude brings out the brownish color in the tortoise buttons on the Connor Jacket. I styled this with white denim & our Trek Sand Flats for a lighter feel. The more darker colors added on to the fit, the heavier it feels & after a long week you are going to want to feel a little more freeing!

    If you want to look like you just walked off of the Chanel runway then we’ve got the set for you! The Chanel Knit Top & Skirt is the creme de la creme! I paired the top & bottom with pantyhose, Brazil Booties, & the Jude Sweater in black. For a studious look, add our Crystal Clear Glasses in silver! This outfit can be worn to ANY holiday event or if you have any big city trips coming up. Imagine walking down the streets of New York City in this outfit!!! Nothing but love for this chic, Gossip Girlesque outfit!
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  • The Ultimate Gift Guide

    The Ultimate Gift Guide


    Tis the season ladies for holiday parties & glam looks! Watch out, because I’ll be dressed to the nines in some Shelby Jewel fabulous dresses!  Because it was hard to get dolled up last year during peak holiday season (thanks to covid), this year we are going all out. There’s no shame in being extra to make up for lost timing haha! We are taking back all of our dressed down holiday outfits & we are throwing in our chic statement pieces to set the tone for parties to come!  Not only does Shelby Jewel have beautiful dresses, but we also have dainty accessories that will help you light up the room!

    This…*pause for dramatic effect*… is The Ultimate Shelby Jewel Gift Guide!

     1. Oh So Sleek Fits

    We just launched the Holiday Jewel Collection Part 1 that is filled with the beautiful, rich & bold colored dresses! The collection also includes festive blouses, a bold blazer, & some bottoms that will make you wanna dance!  The collection is inspired by an Old Hollywood feel that takes you back, but with a modern Shelby Jewel touch!  The dresses range from a soft champagne color to emerald green to a fine red wine. Any of these pieces would be a perfect gift for yourself or one of your best gals! Everyone deserves to have their own festive holiday fit, so why not gift yourself a classic outfit that you can re-wear for years to come!

    2.  All The Jewels N’ Things

    One thing you can always bank on, is our classic gold jewelry! We have some of the best gold hoops, rings, & necklaces around town! If you need a simple gold huggie, or a big hoop-we’ve got you covered! You need some shiny unforgettable earrings? We have those as well! Some of my favorite go-to earrings are: Odette Mini Hoop, Hooked On You Earring, Clementine Curved Hoop! Those earrings I listed are all small gold earrings that can pair with any outfit! If you want to gift someone a fun & funky earring I suggest: Till The Cows Come Home Mini Hoop, Tumbleweed Tie Dye Mini, & the Denver Dip Mini Hoop! We also have a fabulous brand at the store called Machete & it has a bunch of groovy colored hair combs, hair claw clips, and the cutest little mirrors that are perfect for travel. All these beautiful things will be linked below!!!



    3.  Smell Good Situations 

    Whenever you step into the store you’ll smell an array of dainty perfumes that make you want to travel to the places they were named after! Shelby Jewel now has a Riddle Collection, which is a luxury fragrance oil & skincare brand established in 2013 in Venice Beach, CA, by Chelsea Voge. Riddle inspires to make people feel more confident through their scent. Riddle believes that less is more in the fragrance world. They create scents that are not overpowering but rather quietly inviting. The oils sit close to the body & trail as the person walks or simply creates an aura around the person. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to gift someone with a refreshing smell that reminds you of them! A good friend of mine gave me a candle that she personally made that reminded her of me & it was the sweetest gift ever…so I highly recommend getting a special someone a nice scent!  The scents will be linked below so you can see a description of their unique smells!


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