April 18, 2022

My Trip to Market

By Racquel Copeland
My Trip to Market

As a fashion merchandising student, the trip to the Market was a very rewarding, fun, and knowledgeable experience. When we arrived at Market, I was amazed and fascinated by the large number of floors! I figured it would be big, but I was taken aback by the countless clothing and accessory options. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the fact that I was a part of the decision-making process with Shelby, and I was able to inform Shelby of the pieces that I believed would be a good fit for her boutique. Choosing clothes for a store is a huge component and responsibility, so I am beyond grateful that I was able to share my input and be a part of those discussions and decisions. I was also intrigued by the attention-grabbing clothing brands. I specifically remember walking by a showroom that featured runway models who wore different types of clothing.

In addition to the scenery and variety of clothing, I also enjoyed the fact that you could enjoy a mimosa or a cup of coffee while you looked at clothes. When I looked at the clothing, I had a few conversations with different people. I spoke to a woman who told me how exciting it is to travel and work at different events, she also informed me about upcoming events in Nashville and Las Vegas. Overall, the trip to the Market helped me network and gain knowledge about the responsibilities, work ethic, and decision-making that are some of the necessary tools for a store or boutique owner. Market is a very important thing to be a part of and I am beyond thankful that Shelby allowed me to experience it! love working with the ladies, and I enjoyed spending the day with them in Atlanta. This is by far my best college experience, and it intensified my love and appreciation for fashion!

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