April 04, 2022

What's Your Wedding Vibe?

By Audrey Wright
What's Your Wedding Vibe?

Based off our fabulous “Forever Young Collection, take our SJ Bridesmaid Quiz! We released the most fabulous satin dresses that are perfect to use as a bridesmaid dress, wedding guest dress, or just for a fun formal summer dress that will knock  people’s socks off! Answer all the questions & keep up with all your answers to see what Wedding Vibe you match up with & what SJ satin dress of ours you should pick!



1. What is your dream wedding color palette?
a. white, gold, pearlescent
b. pastel green, gold, cream
c. sunset orange, gold, sandy taupe


2.  If you could pick any of these venues which would it be?

a. ceremony: inside castle   reception: inside garden conservatory

b. overlooking a view of the lake & mountains

c. outside through a garden & vineyard


3.  What kind of Wedding Season Gal are you?

a. princess-like, elegant & full of class with a twist of old fairytale

b. ethereal, fairy-like & surrounded by nature

c. just like sunshine- warm tones & golden hours filled with old classic vibes


4.  What kind of music do you vibe with for your wedding?

a. Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Richie, The Ronettes, Renee Olstead, Louis Armstrong

b. Hozier, Leon Bridges, Sleeping At Last, Lifehouse, Johnnyswim, Thirdstory

c. Dean Martin, Doris Day, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble, Tony Bennet, Natalie Cole


5.  Pick your fancy hairstyle for your big day!

a. half up, pulled to the back with a long pearl clip

b. bubble braid with face framing bangs

c. low bun with gold glossy bar barrette


6.  Are you a classic, shiny, or pop of color shoe bride?

a. classic white with pearls

b. nude with shiny diamonds

c. pop of color because I’m extra


7.  Where is your honeymoon going to be?!

a. Paris

b. Thailand

c.  Amalfi Coast


8.  What flowers will you be holding as you walk down the aisle?

a. a mix of white peonies, white roses, & tiny daises

b. white peonies & eucalyptus

c. tulips


9. What does your dream shiny ring look like?

a. oval step cut diamond with gold band

b. boho-like solitaire with gold asymmetrical bands

c. simple oval diamond with thin gold band


10. BONUS: Pick your favorite Disney Princess movie out of these three!

a. Cinderella

b. Princess & The Frog

c. Beauty & The Beast



Mostly A’s

If you picked mostlys A’s you are our angelic-like bride! Close your eyes & imagine you’re walking on clouds because that’s what we feel when we see your vibe! Classy lady that lights up the room, you or your bridesmaids need the Elle Satin Midi Dress. The soft pearlescent color is elegant & reminds us of the fairy godmothers sparkles!


Mostly B’s

If you picked mostly B’s I’d pick you for the part of Tinkerbell because our Lennon Midi Dress in sage is perfect for you! Green is your thing girl, & we are here for it! We expect you to have the most beautiful enchanted, ethereal venue with whispy willow trees & blooming flowers that fill the air with sweet vanilla. All we ask is that you invite us to your fairytale wedding!


Mostly C’s

If you picked mostly C’s expect all us SJ gals to sway along to Dean Martin because you’ve stolen our hearts in an Italian villa! The golden hour glow graces you beautifully in the Lennon Midi Dress in clay. Fill the love & the warm sunshine surround the room as you take the dance floor with your better half. Hold still as we take your picture because you + this dress belong in a magazine!

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