January 10, 2022

Lounge Heaven

By Audrey Wright
Lounge Heaven
The year of 2022 is all about rest & taking care of yourself girly! There’s been a lot of random & chaotic events happening within the past several years & its time to step back & re-evaluate how you’re doing. Everyone takes care of themselves differently, & I know (preaching to the choir here) that we all forget to do something good for ourselves as well. Whether it’s reading, meal prepping, exercising, listening to music, or whatever else makes you feel content & relaxed- you should be doing more of that! I personally love to turn up my favorite music (usually 70/80s rock or any throwback songs) & paint till my hearts content. Mixing my art & fashion together is probably where you’ll find me at my most relaxed…. sipping coffee in an SJ lounge set with my music blaring & my paint brushes all over the place. Let me show ya’ll the easiest & comfiest loungewear to express yourself in!

Sweet Bliss Tank & Sweet Bliss Pants

This set comes from one of my favorite brands we carry called “Lost + Wander”! The knit is comfy & stretchy so its great for any lazy day active movement. The color is a grainy sand with a ribbed texture & a tie at the waist to make it snug. The set is unique because it’s not the trendy tight outfit. The pants stand out because it’s a semi straight semi wide leg fit. The length hits mid calf & its also high waisted. The tank is round neck & slightly fitted. It’s not cropped but a little shorter so it can be paired with the pant perfectly. This lounge set is great for layering with any cardigan we have. This set is made for jumping on beds with your gals & being in the moment!

Dakota Fleece Cardigan

If you need all the fuzzy feels the Dakota is the best cardigan to wrap yourself up in! She is a light mocha colored cardigan with black trim to help it stand out, because this fleece isn’t just any cardigan. The Dakota is long & can honestly be used as a robe, which would make for a great gift for your mom, sister, mother-in-law, or girlfriends! My favorite thing about the cardigan besides the soft texture is the big pockets. Everything is better with pockets & they just happen to be big so you can fit your chapstick & phone in it!

Cassandra Crop Pullover

Stuck in bed all day? The Cassandra would look great on you, all while curled up in bed with all the warm blankets & pillows! The beautiful cocoa colored ribbed sweater is easy to pair with leggings or any straight lounge pant. She’s versatile because you can wear her out, but lets keep this in the rest realm for now! The sweater is cropped but not as short as you think. The arms are wide at the top & then get tighter from the elbow down creating a cool effect. For the gals that don’t want super tight fitted sweaters on their arms, the Cassandra is perfect for you! She’s easy like Sunday mornin’!


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