January 31, 2022

Art of the Boyfriend Shirt

By Audrey Wright
Art of the Boyfriend Shirt

Growing up I was taught a lot about a multitude of things mainly because my mom is a teacher & I think my dad is a genius, but I taught myself when it came to fashion! Just like the world changes, fashion & art & music changes so fast… there is always something new or pushing the line or breaking a barrier. I found it amazing & never ending, especially in fashion because there are so called “rules” & trends people follow. There’s always something new around the corner & I don’t always follow it. I don’t like to follow society’s fashion rules because I like to be bold & different. Someone will always try to give you tips on what to wear & what not to wear…& you don’t always have to listen. You make your own rules- be yourself in a world that tries to be the same! If there is one thing I could give you a tip on it would be to own a classic white boyfriend shirt!

White boyfriend shirts can’t be any more classic because the color can go with any style  or pop of color bottoms you decide to wear. The rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day doesn’t really apply as much as you think. Crisp & clean, the Lauren Boyfriend Shirt from Beg & Borrow adds a refined edge to an everyday outfit. If you want to have fun with it add a pop of color pant, sneakers, gold hoops & chunky necklace with a messy bun. If you want to class it up wear leather trousers or a midi skirt, pointy heels, dangly drop earrings, a clutch, & some lipstick will do the trick!

Another pro about a boyfriend shirt is the layering! It’s still cold out there & the long sleeve might need a little more warmth so add a classic Shelby Jewel Coat like the fabulous Darcie Puffer or the new Jeanna Jacket! The material is a soft cotton & it’s not too thick to add anything on top. Some shirts gather a bunch with the sleeves because the material won’t allow the jacket on top to go over smoothly, but the Beg & Borrow Core Collection shirts are easy to work with. My favorite thing to do is add an elevated pullover or sweater on top & to let the collar pop out & fold over the top!


The boyfriend shirt from Beg & Borrow comes in white, blue denim, & black denim! If you need a classic top to put on & go out real quick these tops are perfect for you. They can be urban & rural wearing shirts because they never go out of style! For the urban girl pair the shirt with fashionable joggers, leather trousers, or flowy silk skirts. For the more rural girl imagine wearing the button down with jeans or shorts!

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