December 13, 2021

French & Free Style Quiz

By Audrey Wright
French & Free Style Quiz

 Hello all you 8 am workin' boss babes!!

Hope ya’ll have some of that good coffee energy kickin’ in because I have a fun styled quiz for you to take! This quiz is to help you decide which suit of ours you should buy for yourself or as a Christmas Gift. We have three different linen suit colors: Cocoa, Moss, & Oatmeal. These three are called the Alayah Suit Set & are available now in store & online. The Alayah’s dropped this past week on Wednesday with our new arrivals, “French & Free” collection! I have a problem & want all three & I figured anyone who has seen them might feel the same way! So, I made a quiz for you to see which one you lean more towards. Keep track of your answers to see what you match with the most. I’ll even share my answers at the bottom!


Do you prefer warm or cool tones?

A. warm

B. cool

C. neutral or both


What’s your go-to aesthetic?

A. vintage mixed with a lil bit of classic

B. pop of color

C. neutrals all the way


What drink do you start your day of with?

A. black coffee or lattes

B. green tea or herbal tea

C. water babes


What’s your favorite season?

A. fall bc all the fun fashion layers!

B. spring bc of the light pastels!

C. summer bc of the warmth & the sundresses!


Would you rather wear neutral undershirts for layering or a patterned top?

A. neutral to match all my fits

B. A & C

C. pattern to make my fit pop


How do you want people to perceive you?

A. warm & welcoming & laid back

B. refreshing & light hearted

C. sweet & easy to talk to


Do you prefer to be bold, earthy, or classic?

A. bold: standout honey

B. earthy: down to earth & easy going

C. classic: timeless


Is your hair dark, medium, or light?

A. dark

B. medium

C. light


Do you like warmer colors with your skin tone?

A. yes

B. depends on the day

C. no



Key Code: If you got 
mostly A's : Cocoa
mostly B's : Moss
mostly C's : Oatmeal
My Answers :)
1) A, warm all the way but neutral was a close second
2) A, vintage with a mix of classics always!
3) A, I live off of my Caramel or Hazelnut Lattes
4) A & C, fall because of the color of the trees & summer because of the warmth & sundresses (& my birthday haha)
5) C, I love a good pattern or bold pop of color
6) A, warm people are my fave
7) A, I adore a good, unique standout piece
8) B & C, I'm a redhead so it goes back & forth
9) B, very much depends on the day!!

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