February 07, 2022

February Atlanta Market 2022

By Audrey Wright
February Atlanta Market 2022

One thing I learned about market is that it’s no joke when it comes to fashion… I’ve always known that but when you’re placed in a gigantic room with 15 floors of tons of booths on each floor it can be overwhelming. Good thing I don’t get stressed about much, because market is an all day analyzing event. Let me take you through our schedule & you'll also learn a few good restaurant tips!



Shelby & I got up super early & headed down to Atlanta so we could get there & start the process! We had quite & interesting ride listening to nothing but pop rocks & making friends with cars driving by us!! We got to the hotel to freshen up & changed into our custom Beg & Borrow shirt dresses & walked to the apparel market building. We checked in & then started looking through all the clothes from each booth. Not trying to brag, but we got a lot of compliments on our custom shirt dresses so I highly recommend making an appointment with Beg & Borrow! At 4, we had an appointment with a showroom so we made our way up to get in early to peruse around.  A lot of great neutral color pieces were found & some unique must haves were bought!  Market starts at 9am then closes at 6pm so we stayed till closing & headed back so we could get dinner! Dinner was at a great Italian restaurant called, A Mano! I recommend  their pasta because it was *chef’s kiss* times ten!



We ordered one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had which was a super savory egg white omelet with tomatoes & toast & a vanilla latte to go! Breakfast is a must before an all day shopping trip because you need energy to walk around all these booths & to stay focused on your plan! When you go into a temporary booth, it’s not in a showroom so you don’t have to have an appointment for those. There are so many clothes, & it’s like you’re shopping all day but with a plan in mind for someone else. That someone else just happens to be our amazing customers!! We look for things that fit our demographic so we get to be really really picky about what is bought. We had back to back showroom appointments, but in between we walked through the temporaries to find unique items before we had to head on to the next little adventure. We got to meet with our rep from FRNCH & Lucy Paris & Moodie & several others. We even met a fabulous fellow Memphian who helped us look through showrooms! One really cool thing is that everyone at market obviously has a love for fashion (very VERY different styles) & you get to connect by talking about something you love! We stayed as long as we possibly could until it was time to head back. We got dinner at one of the best places I’ve ever been to, Southern Belle! Southern Belle was eclectic & classy mixed together. We had a four course meal with a wine pairing that was absolutely out of this world amazing! I highly, highly recommend coming here especially for the dessert which was different pieces of chocolate cake breading & ice cream all made on a delta cart!



It felt as if we had gone through every single floor to see every single booth! We went through racks upon racks of dresses, tops, bottoms, & even some bridal dresses & party gowns. I wish I could’ve bought most of the things we saw right then & there for myself… I can’t wait for everyone to see the new pieces because they are must haves!! We started out on a really good note with the complimentary coffee that was a m a z i n g! We went from booth to booth finding great layering pieces keeping in mind the Memphis weather & how I would style the pieces in each collection. We found a lunch place on one of the floors & had some great bbq nachos, macaroni & cheese with the richest banana pudding I’ve ever had. We stayed at market until we had gone through all of the possible clothes that would be great for the store. We made sure to find some great fall pieces as well as some little pop of color here & there ;)

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