January 03, 2022

Grand Avenue Aesthetics

By Audrey Wright
Grand Avenue Aesthetics

Vintage Preppy

Your style is mixed with vintage prep & classic tailored pieces! Your go-to colors are brown, black, & cream. If you ever do a pop of color it’s a subtle Big Apple Red for drama. New York to Paris to Milan, you belong in a high fashion city among the fabulous quality pieces. Surrounded by art & the finer things of life you strive for the best of the best! You can be fast paced but still slow down to take in all of life’s beauty. An espresso martini or a smooth red wine is your go to drink. You prefer a sophisticated night out at the theatre or at a museum because you love to learn. Chanel bags & lattes are your love language!

Sweet as Honey

Sunshine is calling your name with the sweet pastels of the spring! Your style is very peachy with a touch of denim here & there. You lean more towards the warmer weather & bright blue skies. Go-to accessories? Of course nothing but the best Shelby Jewel “Rolling Stone Sunnies” for that early morning stroll through the park to get to your favorite macaron cafe! You prefer to keep things simple with light accessories & easy removable layers. Time is not in your way, so you day dream about your goals for this new year. You love to admire the soft colors of Monet’s floral art & that inspires that way you dress.

Casino Night

Diamonds are a gals best friend & so is the bubbly champagne you’ll be pouring for a fabulous girls night out! You look amazing head to toe like you’re at the casino in Oceans 11. Your style can be quite expensive, but hey, you’ve got some fun taste! Quality is key & so are classics! You know the importance of a long lasting material that you can wear over & over again. Sweater dresses in the fall & winter like the Cleo Bodice Wrap Dress from Shelby Jewel is an easy buy! You can dress it down with chelsea booties or dress it up with pantyhose & heels! Gold watches & pearl clutches are a necessity every time you leave your house. You live for a fun night out after a long day of work. Your go-to colors are black & shiny metallic things that catch the light. You are the moment!

Espresso Dreams

On the road again, you live for the windows down to your next destination! Whether you’re going to the library or to the nearest getaway, adventure is calling your name. Warm brown hues & soft taupe colors make you happy. You have an old soul, so you go wherever the wind takes you. Your days consist of journaling your feelings at the old cafe across the street while listening to some 70/80s music. Brown leather suits you well, so you try to sport it when you're feeling spontaneous! Feeling ethereal & cinematic at the same time, you’re very go with the flow. Your style is on-the-go but classy because you never wanna dress down in your 80s Mercedes!

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