July 05, 2021

Summer Style Guide: Hats

By Skylar Bohatch
Summer Style Guide: Hats

If you aren’t already a gal who wears many hats, let us introduce you to some of our favorite styles and see if we can change that! It’s the season of sunlight so it only makes sense that the perfect staple accessory for all of your activities is a chic hat from one of our amazing brands, Gigi Pip.

For A Casual Day Out

We know you want to make the most of the nice days while they last. When you’re heading out for a cute brunch with friends or a shopping day in a new city, try reaching for this timeless style.



The River Guatemalan Palm straw hat comes in two shades– oak and ivory. It’s the perfect accessory that features both elegant and casual elements so you can decide how much you want to dress it up or down. If you’re wearing light, neutral colors or a flowy midi dress, try the ivory option for a subtle addition that will brighten up your look. If you’re wearing darker, muted tones or want something that pairs well with a simple pair of blue jeans, then try out the oak option! Both styles feature a brown genuine leather band that leads into chin straps so you don’t have to worry about losing your hat when the breeze hits just right.

For Our Beachy Babes

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bikini, it’s time to find the hat that’ll turn your beach look into something memorable!




Our first choice for lounging around at the beach or even by the pool in your own backyard is the Gwen Wide Brim Sun Hat. This is a natural-colored, wide brim style that gives all the protection you’ll need for the height of the afternoon sun. Not only is it practical, but it also serves as a statement piece that will turn heads in person and when you post your ootd shots on Insta! The wide black band adds a touch of elegance that pairs incredibly well with black sunnies or solid black bikinis for a bold and cohesive look.



The Willa Woven Seagrass Gambler is another option if you aren’t looking for max coverage. This style is a more toned-down and casual option to pair with your beach look whether you’re strutting around in a swimsuit or a chic little midi dress for dinner by the sea! It is made with real seagrass that is intricately woven with a fringe brim edge for a raw and natural-looking finish. Rather than stealing the show, this style is perfect for tying together the other elements of your outfit to create a look that will stand out.

For Those Special Occasions

Summer comes with a fridge of invites and a calendar of events to attend. It’s time to find a hat that can be your perfect +1!


If you’re a fan of minimalist chic, you may love the Dahlia Boater in off-white! Its simplicity makes it the perfect staple accessory, because you can pair it with almost any dress or blouse for the perfect polished look. This hat is made with Australian wool and features a boater style with a stiff brim and a flat crown. It will stay put on any hairstyle, but pairing it with a nice side-swept style and a dazzling pair of earrings is a great way to draw attention to your accessories. Since it’s such a durable wool style, it will also serve you well when the weather cools down for timeless fall fashion at the tail-end of wedding season.



Our other warm-weather fav for special events is the Bre Straw Pork Pie Hat in ivory. This hat is a little thinner than the previous, making it the better option if you’re going to be spending lots of time outside, attending a wedding or a garden party. It is molded with a firmly pressed paper straw so it has a strong structure while maintaining a visually pleasing texture. The finishing touch on this piece is the wide rope band wrapped around the crown!

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