March 14, 2022

It Girl Essentials

By Audrey Wright
It Girl Essentials

Open up your closets ladies, because today we are going to go through some “It Girl” essentials that need to be added to your wardrobe! We just launched our It Girl Collection this past Wednesday which includes staple pieces that I believe every one needs to build a great outfit with. A staple for me can be a simple neutral colored top or bottom that can be layered with accessories. A problem I have is that I am a big shoe girl, so I’ll end up buying funky or really cool colored shoes that don’t easily go with everything. But, if you have different neutral options in tops or bottoms or dresses then it can be easy to throw them in.


When we were at market we came upon this really great brand that sold my new favorite dress, trousers, & cozy lounge set. All these pieces have very different textures, but they’re all a soft cream color. The Dune Button Up Dress has an asymmetrical detail in the buttons that goes diagonal across the front with a slit at the bottom. The Dune is a cream colored midi that can be paired with your fun colored heels or sneakers. The dress is classic because of the color with a twist of unique so I deem it essential enough  for you!

Our Milena Trousers are too good to pass on! When we saw them on the rack, Shelby & I immediately geeked out over the soft yet silkyness of them. I immediately bought them when they came in because I can literally wear them with anything. You can dress it up with a silk blouse or sweater. I even paired it with a t-shirt & my sneakers for an edgy look! The perfect word for these trousers is versatile! Another plus about these bottoms is that they are super light weight… it feels like you’re wearing silk pajama pants!

My style shifts a lot depending on my mood, but this year I realized how much I love streetwear & dressing up cozy lounge sets! Who says you can’t be comfy & stylish at the same time! Wearing the Mavis Fuzzy Lounge Top & Pants is like being cuddled up in the softest blanket you can ever imagine. Last week, I added our Monte Wool Trench Coat in oatmeal, Savannah Sneakers, The Lily sunnies, & our Soft Top Beret all together with the Mavis to create an airport fit that tops all the others! The Mavis is an essential because you will always need something comfy to wear that’s still stylish & all within the neutral color palette.

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