December 27, 2021

Refreshed & Restored

By Audrey Wright
Refreshed & Restored

I know this past week has been super busy & probably chaotic with family coming in town or traveling, so take this week as a time to kick back & relax! For me, I get caught up in the fast pace of the season & forget to breathe while I’m having fun. Rest is super important, especially in between holidays so make sure you etch out time for yourself for pampering! Pampering can be watching Netflix with no makeup on & your hair not done with the most uncoordinated outfit on or at the spa with your girls feeling the most mellow you’ve ever felt! Relaxing activities can be different for everyone! Take the quiz below to see how you should rest before New Year’s Eve featuring some of our new arrivals!


1. What’s your favorite way to spend your off day?

A) getting a mani pedi
B) online shopping 
C) curled up on the couch binge watching your fave show

2. Do you still dress up for your off days?

A) casual but cute (you never know who you're going to run in to)
B) leggings & a tee
C) elevated lounge wear but make it fuzzy & warm

3.  How are you going to prep for New Year's Eve?

A) getting a facial
B) waiting for my NYE outfit from Amazon to come in
C) cleaning my house before the guests come over

4. What is your ultimate relaxing day music playlist vibe?

A) classical piano pieces
B) upbeat pop music
C) throwback or 80's groovy music

5. What kind of makeup do you wear on a day off?

A) none :)
B) natural looking makeup & a tad of gloss
C) mascara & chapstick

6. On your day off, do you like to be around people or by yourself?

A) by myself
B) with my girls!
C) with a group of friends or family

7. What's your go-to relaxing activity in the morning?

A) face cleanse routine
B) writing your to-do list out
C) make a yummy breakfast

8. What is a good way for you to mentally prepare for the work week?

A) making sure your body is relaxed & not tense
B) picking out your outfit for the next day
C) meal prepping so you can eat healthy all week

Key Code:

A = You should spend your off day at the spa! You need a little facial & massage to rejuvenate before you head into a long week of work. 
B = The best way for you to wind down is to online shop or go to Shelby Jewel with your girls! You need a little retail therapy ;)
C = Baking & spending quality time with friends or family is your fave way to refresh before a busy week! Light the fire & bake some cookies gal!


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