November 15, 2021

The Ultimate Gift Guide

By Audrey Wright
The Ultimate Gift Guide


Tis the season ladies for holiday parties & glam looks! Watch out, because I’ll be dressed to the nines in some Shelby Jewel fabulous dresses!  Because it was hard to get dolled up last year during peak holiday season (thanks to covid), this year we are going all out. There’s no shame in being extra to make up for lost timing haha! We are taking back all of our dressed down holiday outfits & we are throwing in our chic statement pieces to set the tone for parties to come!  Not only does Shelby Jewel have beautiful dresses, but we also have dainty accessories that will help you light up the room!

This…*pause for dramatic effect*… is The Ultimate Shelby Jewel Gift Guide!

 1. Oh So Sleek Fits

We just launched the Holiday Jewel Collection Part 1 that is filled with the beautiful, rich & bold colored dresses! The collection also includes festive blouses, a bold blazer, & some bottoms that will make you wanna dance!  The collection is inspired by an Old Hollywood feel that takes you back, but with a modern Shelby Jewel touch!  The dresses range from a soft champagne color to emerald green to a fine red wine. Any of these pieces would be a perfect gift for yourself or one of your best gals! Everyone deserves to have their own festive holiday fit, so why not gift yourself a classic outfit that you can re-wear for years to come!

2.  All The Jewels N’ Things

One thing you can always bank on, is our classic gold jewelry! We have some of the best gold hoops, rings, & necklaces around town! If you need a simple gold huggie, or a big hoop-we’ve got you covered! You need some shiny unforgettable earrings? We have those as well! Some of my favorite go-to earrings are: Odette Mini Hoop, Hooked On You Earring, Clementine Curved Hoop! Those earrings I listed are all small gold earrings that can pair with any outfit! If you want to gift someone a fun & funky earring I suggest: Till The Cows Come Home Mini Hoop, Tumbleweed Tie Dye Mini, & the Denver Dip Mini Hoop! We also have a fabulous brand at the store called Machete & it has a bunch of groovy colored hair combs, hair claw clips, and the cutest little mirrors that are perfect for travel. All these beautiful things will be linked below!!!



3.  Smell Good Situations 

Whenever you step into the store you’ll smell an array of dainty perfumes that make you want to travel to the places they were named after! Shelby Jewel now has a Riddle Collection, which is a luxury fragrance oil & skincare brand established in 2013 in Venice Beach, CA, by Chelsea Voge. Riddle inspires to make people feel more confident through their scent. Riddle believes that less is more in the fragrance world. They create scents that are not overpowering but rather quietly inviting. The oils sit close to the body & trail as the person walks or simply creates an aura around the person. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to gift someone with a refreshing smell that reminds you of them! A good friend of mine gave me a candle that she personally made that reminded her of me & it was the sweetest gift ever…so I highly recommend getting a special someone a nice scent!  The scents will be linked below so you can see a description of their unique smells!


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