September 13, 2021

White After Labor Day

By Audrey Wright
White After Labor Day
It’s about that time of year when everyone is asking, “Can I wear white after Labor Day?” The answer is, of course! We know there’s a “rule” that says white after Labor Day is a no go… but the Shelby Jewel gals think otherwise!  Ready for a history lesson? Apparently, the rule was invented in the nineteenth century as a way to establish who is wealthy and can leave for vacay while others have to stay and work. White clothes represented the half of society that could afford to get out of the city in the fall/winter. This tradition has become outdated over the years because clearly white is a classic color that can be styled through any season. I suggest we throw out that rule and add in “White is imperative for every season because it is simply fabulous! Out with the old, and in with the new.”
You can quote me on that!

 The next question you must be asking is, “How on earth can I style classic white the way Shelby Jewel gals do it?”

Follow along with these styling tips!

We’ll start off with white denim. Since we’re styling into fall try pairing a light sweater with white denim and booties. Add a brown trench coat and some gold accessories to top it off! We suggest wearing a warm neutral tight sweater to balance out the two different colors.

 Now we can move onto layering, which is the key to success in the fall! If there is a sweater vest involved, I suggest pairing it with a white tight, long-sleeve like our Gentle Winds Mock Neck Top. You can always use tip #1 and pair it with white denim jeans or our Essone Denim Skirt. The Lindley Sweater Vest would look great layered on top of the white Gentle Winds Top with our Peniel Wide Leg Trouser. If you want another white layered option, use our Kate Belted Mini Dress with the Laverne Sweater Vest paired with our Brazil Black Booties. Sometimes layering can become too heavy, so make sure that your base (aka: any mock neck or long sleeve) is light weight! If you really want to show off your outfit, tuck in the front of your top just a little to make it fresh and elevated!

 Last but not least we have the classy statement white piece!  This one can be tricky because if you wear too much white it can become a spring/summer look. This means the white statement piece needs to be balanced out. For example, we have our Julie Sweater Top (in white of course) with the brown Peniel Wide Leg Trouser. To make this fit come together, you can add our white Evita Flats for an elevated, balanced look. Another option would be to pair our white Cara Cardigan with the Brittany Off White Top. If you add a neutral bottom like the Kenny Vegan Leather Pant, it tones the white down. There’s always a way to balance it out, whether it’s with accessories, shoes, or blazers!

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